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Made in Portugal

Karl Coral sneakers

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These elegant sneakers are made in Portugal with high quality materials.

✅ All Sneakers Composition is 100%Genuine Skin.

✅ Comfortable insole also in leather.

✅ Great durability (2 years Warranty) *

✅ High quality sole**

✅ Designed and Manufactured in Portugal ***

✅ Excellent Price ****

* These sneakers have a 2 year warranty. Any problem with the materials or sole, within the warranty period, return it to us and you will receive new ones.

** Sole material is high quality non-slip and wear-resistant rubber.

*** Made in one of the best Portuguese footwear factories.

**** These sneakers are normally sold in international markets for 120 /150 .€.

******Delivery within 2-5 business days


Desenhadas e fabricadas em Portugal


The modelKarl Coral sneakers is manufactured with the following materials:

  • Genuine Leather of great quality.
  • Comfortable insole also in leather.
  • Great durability (2 years Warranty)
  • High quality sole
  • Designed and Made in Portugal

Size Guide

The modelKarl Coral sneakers normal pants.

Availability in Stock

The modelKarl Coral sneakers it is normally delivered within 5 to 8 business days.

Return Exchanges

We know that not always everything goes as expected and if for any reason you need to exchange a number or return, don't worry.

You can always do it in the first ones. 14 days after your purchase.